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Customise your packing slips.

Upload your order report from your Amazon Seller Central or eBay Seller account.

Print your packing slips.

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Packing slips

Manage your orders, don't let them manage you.

Our flexible workflow lets you organise and prioritise the orders that need to be picked, prepared or are ready to be shipped.

orders management

Scan, ship and process your orders even faster.

orders management

Add barcode to your packing slips. Scan and add tracking information to your orders.

Customise your packing slips to suit your business needs.

Add your company logo

Company Logo

Promote your business and increase your brand awareness, add your logo to your packing slips.

Add your return address

Return address

Improve your customer experience and provide a return address.

Your return address will be printed out on your packing slips and address labels.

Add customised signature for better user experience

Customised signature

Add a return policy and contact details for any issues post delivery.

Add QR code to increase conversion

Increase conversion

Add a QR code to your packing slips to direct your clients back your website to shop more.

PPI Stamp for easy dispatch of your orders

PPI Stamp

Add your postage stamp to your packing slips and address labels to speed up the shipment process.

More tools

More tools

»  Orders barcode scanning

»  Upload tracking information

»  Print picking slips

»  Generate Amazon shipment confirmation file

»  Print your packing slips in 5 languages

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Analytics dashboard

Orders Analytics Dashboard

Track revenue, best selling items, orders destination and more.

Monitor your performance over time.

Print address and postage labels

»  24-up labels 65 mm x 35 mm

»  21-up labels 65 mm x 42 mm

»  8-up labels 110 mm x 75 mm

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