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1.1 Create account
1.2 Select Account type
1.3 What is your marketplace
1.4 Edit account
1.5 Account termination
1.6 Print your packing slips in 5 different languages

1.1 ACCOUNT SETTINGS > Creating your account on

When signing up to, after you completed your payment on PayPal, you will be asked to provide your name, email address, phone number, business name, account type and marketplace. This data will be used in different ways once your account is up and running.

Email address: Once your account created, a confirmation email will be sent on the email address you provided during your registration. You will also need to use the email address on our records to sign in on

Business name: The business name you provided during the registration process will be displayed on all your packing slips. Make sure to provide the corrrect business name when signing up.

Account type: during the registration process, you will be asked to select an account type. Use the Order Report Assessment Tool to identify your order report type in 2 clicks.

1.2 ACCOUNT SETTINGS > Select your account type aims to allow all sellers to print in bulk their packing slips, as long as the order data is presented in a text document (tab delimited).

For Amazon Sellers, order reports may have different format depending on your Seller account type and whether you use Standard Order Reports or Unshipped Order Reports. The reports currently handled on our system are:

Merchant (Pro-merchant account - Standard order report)

Merchant-unshipped (Pro-merchant account - Unshipped order report)

Market-unshipped (Individual account - Unshipped order report)

Merchant-promo (Pro-merchant account - Standard order report including promotions data, e.g. promo code, promo discount...)

With the Order Report Assessment Tool, you will know whether the type of order report you are using is already indexed on our system, or if our developpers need to integrate your order report to our system and create a new packing slip template. In the case where yoru order report is not being recognised by our Order Report Assessment Tool, please email in attachment your order report to

1.3 ACCOUNT SETTINGS > Select your Marketplace

During your registration, you are asked to select a Marketplace. This detail is important. Indeed, on your packing slips, a short paragraph is displayed inviting your customer to log on either on his buyer account to leave positive feedback. According to the marketplace you select during the registration, the paragraph will direct your customer to the correct website.

1.4 ACCOUNT SETTINGS > Edit your account

You can edit your account information, such as email address or business name, at any time by contacting us at Only queries sent from the email address listed on our database will be processed for security reason.

1.5 ACCOUNT SETTINGS > Account termination request

To request your packing-slips account termination, please contact us at We will then proceed to your account termination as soon as possible. If you cancel your PayPal subscription to, your account will be automatically terminated within 7 days.

1.6 ACCOUNT SETTINGS > Print your packing slips in 5 different languages

During the registration process, you will be asked to select your Marketplace. Based on the Marketplace you selected, your packing slips will be displayed in the marketplace home language by default. Before printing your packing slips, you can change the language you want to print your packing slips in.


2.1 Upload file
2.2 Print in Bulk
2.3 Shipping confirmation file


Download on your computer a new order report from your Seller Account. It can be found under one of the following path:

- Orders > Advanced Features > Order Report

- Manage your orders> Order reports

Download order report

Once you downloaded your order report on your computer, upload the file on To do so, click on the link "upload" from the menu bar or the side bar to access the upload page. On the upload page, browse your computer and upload your latest order report.

Upload file

After uploading your file, a message confirming that the file uploaded successfully will be displayed. From there, you need to process it before you can print out your packing slips. To do so, click on the link "Step 2: Click here to export the data".

Export file

Important: Only upload a text format document (example: order-report.txt)

If your file was processed successfully during after Step 2, you should receive a message confirming that your data was successfully exported.

File successfully exported

You are finished after receiving this message. All you need to do now is click on "Step 3: Click here to print your packing-slips".

2.2 USING PACKING-SLIPS.COM > Print packing slips

You can print in bulk a packing slip for ever order contained in the order report you uploaded. You can do it either right after step 3, or at any time by using the print links, available in the sidebar and top bar.

2.3 USING PACKING-SLIPS.COM > Download shipping confirmation file

After your order report was successfully processed on, you can download a shipping confirmation file to confirm the shipment of your orders I bulk on your Seller Account.

Thus not only you save time printing your packing-slips in bulk, but you also save time confirming the shipments of your orders in bulk. You no longer need to confirm the shipment of each individual order received.

Shipping confirmation files are used to confirm the shipment of a batch of orders by bulk upload. The shipping date included in your report will be the current date.

Example: if you download a shipping confirmation file on the 1st of December 2009, the shipping date displayed in your file will be 2009-12-01. To download your shipping confirmation, click on Shipping confirmation from the menu bar or on Download Shipping Confirmation from the side bar. Once on the relevant page click on the "Download button" to download your shipping confirmation file:

Download button

You can then upload your shipping confirmation file in your Seller Account by following one of the paths below:

- Orders > Advanced Features > Shipping Confirmation

- Manage Your Orders > Upload Order Related Files

The orders’ status will change to "shipped" on your Seller Account (only for the orders contained in this file).

Only the required fields (order number and date of shipment), are included in the shipping confirmation file provided by If you wish to add extra information, such as carrier-name, tracking number, you will need to add this information manually in your shipping confirmation file.


3.1 Pop-up windows
3.2 Cookies

Pop up windows must be enabled. Indeed, your packing slips are displayed in a pop up window where you can print them in bulk. If your Internet browser does not allow pop up windows to be displayed, you will not be able to print out your packing slips.


Cookies are used during your online session to allow you free access to our service, without repeatedly requiring you to re-enter your user name and password. In order to set up a unique identifier for your session, a session still uses a small cookie - this cookie simply holds a value that uniquely identifies you. When you log off or leave the site, the cookies will be automatically removed. does not collect or store any data, other than the unique session identifier generated during your visit.


4.1 Issue during Step 2
4.2 Issue during Step 3

4.1 ORDER REPORTS UPLOAD ISSUES > Issue during Step 2

Only text documents can be uploaded from the upload page. Any file submitted that is not a .txt format will automatically be bounced and the following error message will be displayed.

Unaccepted file format

4.2 ORDER REPORTS UPLOAD ISSUES > Issue during Step 3

If you receive an error message after Step 3 stating "FAILED: The file submitted is not recognized", the order report you uploaded is of different format.

Processing error

You will receive this message if the headers of your order report are missing, or if the order report you uploaded was not yet integrated to our system. If it is the case, feel free to send in attachment the order report you were using to our Technical Support. Our developers team will be happy to integrate this new order template to our system (generally within a week).


5.1 Format issues
5.2 Blank page
5.3 Error message

5.1 PRINTING ISSUES > Format issues

Only one packing slip should be printed per page. Depending on the Internet browser you are using, its settings, your screen resolution and your printer settings, you might end up getting truncated packing slips, or several packing slips can be printed on a same sheet. If you face such issue, please refer to the tips below:

- Review your internet browser/printing settings.

- Try using a different Internet Browser (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox).

- Log in from a different computer.

- Set up your screen resolution to 1280x1024.

If these tips did not help you fix the problem, please contact our technical support immediately.

Our technical support will get back to you shortly, asking you to test different packing slip templates and confirm the ones printing correctly.
While testing the templates provided, and in order to avoid wasting paper and ink, we invite to use the "Print Preview" feature available in your Internet Browser to check the printing format of the templates. Click on the link "print preview" in the description of the different packing slips templates below to open them in a plain window (and not in a pop up window). Once the packing slips open, close the print dialog window that shows up, and in the Menu Bar of your browser, click "File > Print Preview".

5.2 PRINTING ISSUES > Blank page/no order to print

If you get a blank screen on the print page, it means that your last upload failed to process and all the order data has been purged. It generally happens if your order report could not process successfully. In this case, an error message should have been returned after Step 3. A blank print page will also be displayed if you just subscribed and you did not yet upload an order report.

5.3 PRINTING ISSUES > Error message

You get a red error message when trying to print your packing slips if you are not logged in. Make sure to be logged in before trying to print in bulk your packing slips.