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Account Management

Account management and Enterprise solution to improve further your logistic.

Getting Started

How to use and how it can improve your workflow.


Fix issues processing your upload or printing out packing slips or address labels.

Account Management

Account Termination Request

To request your account termination on, please contact us at We will terminate your account, cancel your PayPal subscription and purge any order related data, along with all your information (return address, postage stamp and company logo if those were uploaded). If you cancel your PayPal subscription without notifying us, we will terminate your account without your pre-approval within 7 days.

Files Accepted

Only .txt or .csv files are supported. Amazon order reports are .txt and eBay reports are .csv. We strongly recommend that you do not open and edit the order report after downloading it from Amazon or eBay and before uloading it on our software as it may introduce encoding issues and cause special characters to stop printing (e.g. currency symbols, foreign names or addresses).

If you must edit your file, please refer to our section on special characters and encoding issues


Your packing slips and address labels are customisable. They can be printed in 5 different languages depending on your business needs (e.g. multiple seller accounts on different marketplaces). Your business name, return address, postage (PPI) stamp, company logo can be displayed if you provide them from the "Account Settings" page. A QR Code will be generated on your packing slips if you provide a website URL (it can be your own website or the URL of your Amazon or eBay storefront). Finally, if your logistic requires that you can scan orders, checking the box "Use barcode for order id display" will add to your packing slips a barcode representation of the order id, speeding up your order management and dispatching process.

Data Management

The data from your order report is entirely purged without back up every time you upload a new order report. The order report data is uploaded at your own discretion and is not something we share or review, unless requested by yourself when we need to investigate an issue printing your packing slips or address labels.

Getting Started

Orders Report

Download your order report from your Amazon Seller Account or eBay Seller Hub.

Amazon Seller Central

Download order report

eBay Seller Hub

Download eBayorder report

Once you downloaded your order report on your computer, go to the "Upload" page (from the navigation bar). Browse your computer and upload your latest order report.

After uploading your file, a message confirming that the file uploaded successfully will be displayed. All you need to do now is click on the action you want to either print your packing slips, find our more about your sales performance, print address labels...

File successfully exported

Confirm Orders Shipment

For Amazon order reports, you can download a shipping confirmation file to confirm the shipment of your orders in bulk on Amazon. The shipping date generated in your report will be the current date.

Example: If you download a shipping confirmation file on Feb 14th 2020, the shipping date displayed in your file will be 2020-02-14

You can then upload your shipping confirmation file on your Seller Central Account:

File successfully exported

The orders’ status will change to "shipped" on your Seller Account (only for the orders contained in this file).

Only the required fields (order number and date of shipment) are included in the shipping confirmation file provided by If you wish to add extra information, such as carrier-name, tracking number, please refer to our Scan and Track module.

Sales Dashboard

The sales dashboard gives a visual representation of the total earning broken down by currency. In the daily chart, the amount displayed for a given day is the total amount of all sales from an order report uploaded on If 2 reports were uploaded on a given day, the total amount from both reports will be displayed under that day.

Important: Revenue figures are only available for order reports containing items price data. Amazon Unshipped Order reports and eBay reports are excluded from the calculation at present. The Sales Over Time charts (below) will not be displayed in the sales dashboard after uploading such reports but will be displayed again once a non-unshipped Amazon Report is uploaded on

File successfully exported

Orders management

The orders management dashboard is an alternative to the bulk printing option. Instead of printing everything in bulk, you can select and prioritise the orders you want to work on and take specific actions for that subset.

  • Use the tools available to breakdown your orders by Quantity, Purchase date, Price or Shipping service, Destination and Status.
  • Assign a status to your orders to keep track of the orders you are working on or have dispatched in that batch.
  • Automated flag on any orders from your batch potentially going to the same address.
  • Print packing slips and generate Amazon confirmation file for your selection of orders.

IMPORTANT: Marking an order as Dispatched or In Progress does not change the order status on Amazon or eBay. The scope of those flags only apply to our website, until the next batch of orders is uploaded, in which case all order information (tracking information, status) will be wiped.

Orders duplicate flag

Orders status update

Scan and Track

Add tracking information to your high value orders in a second with the Scan and Track feature. We recommend that you enable the barcode order display in your account settings to make the scanning operation even faster. You can then scan the order id barcode to bring up the order details and assign to it a tracking number by scanning it.

Tracking id and carrier name will also be available in shipment confirmation file generated from the Orders Management Dashboard.

Orders duplicate flag

Orders with tracing number


File upload issues

The structre of the Amazon order reports may change based on your account type, the type of report you are using (New or Unshipped report) and whether you are using promotions on your account. If your order report does not process correctly, please validate it against the templates below by ensuring that it contains the right number of columns.

* Those order reports do not include any pricing information (e.g. Item/shipping price). Pricing information will not be printed on the packing slips after uploading those files.

Troubleshooting: If a non-edited order report stops working all of a sudden, please email it to us right away. eBay is known for randomly changing their order report, which may cause the order report from uploading or to have incorrect information printed on the packing slips (e.g. Sales number under recipient name).

Encoding Issues

Should you absolutely need to edit an order report, we recommend that you do not use Microsoft Excel. Instead, use a software like Notepad++ ( or LibreOffice ( Both allow the editing of the original order report, either in a text editor or spreadsheet format, without changing its encoding. Ensure you save your file with the requested extension if you edited it (.txt with tab-delimited for Amazon order reports, .csv for eBay).

The JWT Token is expired

A token is generated after you log in on our website. This token lets you access the orders in your orders management dashboard via a webservice. This token expires 30 minutes after being generated. If the orders on the orders management dashboard fail to load and a warning about your JWT Token being expired is displayed on the page, it means that you entire session on has expired. Please log out and log in again.

System Requirements

Pop-up windows

Pop up windows must be enabled. Indeed, your packing slips are displayed in a pop up window where you can print them in bulk. If your Internet browser does not allow pop up windows to be displayed, you will not be able to print out your packing slips.


Cookies are used during your online session to allow you access to our service, without repeatedly requiring you to re-enter your user name and password. In order to set up a unique identifier for your session, a session still uses a small cookie - this cookie simply holds a value that uniquely identifies you. When you log out from the site or after a short period of inactivity on the site (about 30 minutes), the cookies will be automatically removed. does not collect or store any data, other than the unique session identifier generated during your visit.

Privacy Policy

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